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Is The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault Helpful for Calgary Landlords?

January 5th, 2018 · Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault, Landlord help, Latest News, Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service

The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault For Calgary Landlords

Calgary Landlords Need To Be On The Look Out For Bad Tenants Who Want To Destroy Your Financial Future! The Alberta Landlord Vault Will Help You Succeed As a Landlord

What happened to a Calgary landlord recently is a wake up call and a reminder we all need to be extra careful these days. Good landlords know it’s important to have great properties and offer affordable prices to rent out to good tenants. 

The story is about a person who was looking to invest to create security for her financial future. A terrific, kind-hearted person who invested in a rental property and was going to be the type of landlord we all wanted to rent from. The problem is no matter how great our rental property is and how kind hearted and amazing we are as landlords we can be taken advantage of and end up losing tens of thousands of dollars along with sleepless nights and mental anguish.

Lots of Great Renters Are Out There…But It Only Takes One “Bad One” To Lead You To Lose Money!

You can read more about this on the CBC news website and the Alberta Landlords Association website. It really should be REQUIRED READING for all the good people investing in rental properties.

The Calgary landlord is Jennifer Leeming. With great intentions she had a wonderful property to put on the market for rent.

So you have a nice landlord and a nice rental at a good price, and it should lead to lots of good people applying and a “win-win” situation right?  Sadly, this often isn’t the case these days.

A Single mom with a great rental and who wanted to be a terrific landlord tried to help her renters out. In return this ruined her rental and her financial future!

Great Landlord With a Terrific Rental Property Rents to…….Tenants From Hell

Sadly, Leeming rented to people who were “Tenants from Hell”.  These are renters who know how to play the system and can cause small landlords to lose thousands of dollars.

The rental had new flooring. It was the renters ashtray as they didn’t even have the respect to throw their butts outside or in an ashtray!

Alberta landlords rental vault 3

The drywall was all knew and paints. The stairs were safe and sturdy.  The tenants from Hell didn’t care.

Alberta landlords rental vault 4

Everyone likes a nice clear bathroom. The renters made sure to destroy them to cause even more damages for the landlord!

So Just “Follow the System” Right? Leeming Followed the “System” and Lost $85,000!

The Alberta eviction system is too slow and doesn’t protect small landlords enough.

When Jennifer began the eviction process the tenants even challenged her and said: “I’M NOT MOVING UNTIL YOU PROVIDE A COURT DOCUMENT! “  The system protects these bad tenants and doesn’t protect good landlords.

The Renters Finally Left and Vanished Without Paying a Cent They Owed to the Landlord

The landlord trusted the RTDRS and got them out what happened?  Her trust was broken as the system doesn’t protect small Alberta landlords.

After Jennifer served the tenants, they did a “midnight run” and ran back to Saskatchewan. These renters did all the damages and it will be basically impossible for Jennifer to ever to recover her losses from these horrible “Tenants From Hell”.

Alberta landlord knowledge vault for landlords

The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault – Protect Your Rental Business and Succeed

Unfortunately what happened to Jennifer Leeming is not the first time we’ve heard about big tenant problems in Alberta.

And while the politicians complain about “landlords gouging tenants” the reality is it’s becoming very financially risky to own a rental these days. While there are lots of good tenants around, there are also those who will “use the system” and take advantage of hard-working small residential landlords.

With the current rules any Calgary landlord can get ripped off if they are not careful.

In order to help landlords succeed the Alberta Landlords Association has created The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault. It’s packed with helpful information to help landlords.  And you get a ton of services….and it’s all for a one time fee.

Alberta Landlord Knowledge Questions include:

What are the best ways to prepare my rental to attract good tenants?

How can I convince the best tenants to rent from me over others?

Do I need to get any type of special insurance for my rental?

What are good potential renters really looking for these days? Is it a good idea to pay for a property manager?

How do you choose the best property manager?

Is it a good idea to hire a real estate agent to rent out my property?

How do you set the best rent to advertise?

How do you do expert market research on your local rental market?

Who ultimately decides how much the rent will be?

How do you pre-screen tenants to not waste time?

How do experienced landlords screen tenants who want to rent from you?

How do you set times to show your rental property?

Tenants keep cancelling appointments on me. How do you fix this?

Do you screen everyone who is going to move in?

Why is asking what renters are currently paying for rent important for me?

How do you avoid applicants who are just playing games and not serious?

How can I make sure the applicants say who they say they are?

Do you tell your potential renters how you are screening them?

What’s the best way to verify if they are working or not?

How do you go into in-depth checking of their employment information?

How do you screen self-employed applicants?

How do you screen tenants moving to Alberta from other provinces?

How important are personal references for Alberta landlords?

What do you do if the applicants refuses to give their current landlords information?

What do you do if an applicants refuses to provide their SIN number?

How do you run a credit check on a potential renter?

How do you read a credit check to determine if you should rent to them or not?

What do you do if their credit history shows late payments?

What do you do if the credit check shows a lot of debt?

What do you do if their is a collection on the renter’s credit report?

What types of credit scores do experienced Alberta landlords demand?

How do you choose the best tenants?

If you have two really good applicants, what is the criteria to choose one over the other?

What do you do if the applicants have no credit history?

How do you avoid renting from professional tenants?

How do you notify the person you want to rent to?

Are there any tips or strategies when telling your applicant you will rent to them?

How do you make sure the renters are clear on the rules from day 1 to avoid future problems?

What types of leases do you use?

What’s a period tenancy?

What’s a fixed term lease?

What’s better, a periodic tenancy or a fixed term lease?

What information should I include in my lease to protect myself?

Does the lease have to be in writing?

Can I require proof of insurance as a condition of the lease?

Is it okay to say no pets are allowed in the lease?

Can Alberta landlords change a pet fee?

What happens at the end of fixed term lease?

Can I charge a security deposit? How does that work in Alberta?

Can I charge a non-refundable pet fee and also charge a security deposit?

Can I deduct money from the security deposit for carpet cleaning, painting, and other damages?

If two tenants from my place and one moves out do I have to return half the security deposit?

Do you do an inspection when renters move out?

What happens if the tenant doesn’t show up for the move out inspection?

What do you do if your tenants don’t pay rent?

Can I end the tenancy if the renters don’t pay rent?

What do you do if the tenant breaks a rule in the lease?

What types of notices are available if your renters are breaking the rules of your lease?

What are the reasons I can use to evict a renter?

If the renters are damaging my rental what can I do?

If tenants are threatening me or other tenants in the building what can I do?

My renters are playing their music super loud so what can I do?

My renters are dealing drugs what can I do? W

hat do you do if your tenants are leaving garbage all over the place?

If the tenants refuse to leave at the end of the lease what do you do?

Can my tenants have lots of guests over at all times?

My renters want my contact information.

Do I have to provide it?

One group of tenants is complaining other tenants are noisy so what should I do?

I’m selling my property so do I have to tell my renters?

The buyer wants to keep the tenants so how do I handle this?

I live with my tenant and she argues with me about everything so what can I do?

How do you fix problems with tenants who live in your house with you?

Can I go to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service for problems with renters living in my house?

How to you handle renters who want to sublet?

Can I refuse a tenant who wants to sublet my rental property?

How do you reply to a renter who wants to sublet?

My tenant says he wants to assign his apartment so what can I do?

What are legal grounds to refuse a sublet or assignment as I don’t feel comfortable with it?

My tenants did some repairs and now are charging me! Do I have to pay?

The new people I rented to brought in bedbugs so what can I do?

How do you give notice if you are going into the rental to do repairs?

How do you give notice to your tenants to enter the rental property?

Can a contractor enter the rental property without the landlord being present?

My tenant said she doesn’t have to pay rent while I’m doing repairs. Is this true?

How do landlords deal with tenants who are smoking or growing marijuana?

My tenants are fighting over their shared laundry do I have to get involved?

My renters go laid off and want to break the lease so what should I do? 

How do you deal with tenant vs. tenant issues?

Do I have to give my tenants who are moving a recommendation?

My renters got laid off and want to break the lease so what can I do?

My tenants wnat to change to lease agreement and say I have to, is this true?

The current rent check is NSF what should I do?

My tenants are rude and aggressive to me. I’m scared and wonder how I should deal with them?

I think I have “Tenants From Hell” and need help! What should I do?

The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault Protects You From Bad Tenants

Alberta landlords have invested their own hard earned money into the province and except to be protected. Unfortunately the current system doesn’t do enough to protect landlords. Take charge of your rental property by becoming an EXPERT and know all the ‘games’ that some people want to play!

Knowledge truly is power and with knowledge you can find all the great renters out there and have a successful rental business in Alberta.

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Calgary Landlords Tenant Screening 2017

May 1st, 2017 · Calgary landlords 2017, Latest News, Tenant Credit Checks


Successful Calgary landlords know the importance of careful tenant screening

There was an important article at the Alberta Landlords Association blog site recently called “Top Tips for Alberta Landlords to Succeed in 2016.” The article is not only a good wake-up for landlords, it’s a reassuring message that landlords can succeed in 2016 and also in 2017, as the information is that helpful!

We’ve seen good times and tough times, and smart investors always do well. And the key is renting to good, rent paying tenants who respect you and your investment property. The economy goes up, and it goes done. It’s cyclical and experienced and successful landlords know it and are ready for it.

Tenant screening is the key. Because renting to good tenants is the way to be a successful landlord no matter what the current economic situation is.

Calgary Vacancy Rates 2017

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Agency (CMHC) has reported that Calgary vacancy rates have skyrocketed.

The rental vacancy rate in Calgary this past autumn was a whopping 5.3%.  This compares to the 1.4% in the autumn of 2014. This shows is how dramatic the impact of an economic slowdown has been on the local rental apartment market place.

The national average for Canada landlords is a vacancy rate of 3.3%. The economy is on a down turn in 2016, after it was booming (on an upward turn) for the past few years. .

How To Succeed in 2017

Many landlords have been asking: with the economic economic environment we face how can landlords succeed in 2017?

Is it Mission Impossible?

Not it’s not. Not at all.

Successful and Experienced landlords have seen it all before. The “Bad Times” are temporary and just a time to get ready for the upcoming good times in Alberta.

Don’t Forget To Screen Tenants Carefully

Veteran landlords never panic because they know there are always good tenants out there. Sure when times are good (like last year) you could put up an ad for your investment property and have 30 people call you on the first day.

Times were good. Except you still had to check everyone carefully because most of those people where not qualified to rent from you. Nowadays you might only get 3-5 people apply. You still need to check them carefully. The same rules apply.

Make Sure You Run A Credit Check Before You Sign The Lease

By running an Alberta landlord credit check you can really learn “who you are renting to.” It’s the best way to select good tenants, as you can see their financial back ground, past addresses and more.

Make sure you are careful who you rent to in these difficult times. There are lots of good tenants out there, and there are also people who want to rip you off. Run credit checks on all applicants to make sure you know who you are renting to and to find good tenants for your rental property.

You can join the Alberta Landlords Association and start running premium credit checks for a huge discounted price. Protect yourself and your business with thorough tenant screening!

Choose the best tenants for your financial investment.

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Calgary Landlords – Tenant Screening Is Vitally Important in 2015! Find Respectful and Paying Tenants With a Credit Check

November 17th, 2015 · Credit check, Latest News, Tenant Screening

 Alberta Landlords Tenant Screening 2015

You Can Join the Alberta Landlords Association for a Low One-Time Registration Fee and Start Running Premium Credit Checks for Only $10/Check To Find Great Tenants. It’s the Deal of A Lifetime For Alberta Landlords!

It was only a few months ago the media was screaming Calgary landlords had it good and tenants were hard up. The latest headlines includes talk of a declining economy and higher vacancy rates.

Successful Calgary landlords have a long-term view, have confidence in our city, and know the importance of careful tenant screening.With some economic blips it means Calgary landlords must screen more carefully than ever before.

Being a landlord means you are inviting strangers into your property. And in many cases your property is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and one of the most important investments you have made. Let’s face it, the stakes are high and you finding a good tenant is key to your success or failure.

Some new landlords who don’t have the same experience will let just about anyone into their homes. As long as the tenant has money to pay rent these inexperienced landlords are satisfied and hand over the keys.

The results can be financially devastating. For example a Calgary landlord rented his basement to a “nice couple” who gave him a good feeling and he trusted them. It really made sense to him when the tenants said they wanted to rent his unit because their child could attend the school across the street. Less than a year later, after a SWAT team shut down the grow op the tenants started the landlord sold the property and gave up his dream of being a successful income property investor.

Poor Tenant Screening Can Lead To Even Worse Occurrences!

Landlords feel upset and angry when we read about tenants starting grow-ops in a rental property. Or they break leases and leave a mess behind causing a landlord to lose a lot of money. Unfortunately there are even more horrible stories out there regarding bad tenants. The story of a Calgary man who killed his landlord is a strong wake-up call to screen tenants carefully and not take any chances.

A Calgary man accused of choking his landlord to death for being noisy while making soup has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Shaun Peter Desautels had been charged with second-degree murder in the January, 2013, death of Alexander Potoroka, but entered the plea yesterday to the less serious count.

According to an agreed statement of facts, Mr. Desautels had been trying to sleep when he heard Mr. Potoroka in the kitchen.

He got angry and confronted the man before putting him in a chokehold.

Mr. Potoroka was taken to hospital but was declared brain-dead and died the next day.

An autopsy confirmed choking as the cause of death.

Court also heard Mr. Desautels threatened to kill a witness who tried to stop the attack.

Mr. Desautels has six prior convictions for assault, including one for choking the 13-year-old daughter of his then-common-law wife and for putting another victim in a chokehold.

The Crown and defence are jointly recommending a 10-year sentence.

Prosecutors say the recent death of one of their key witnesses and a history of confrontation between the two men were factors in their decision to agree to the plea deal.

Lawyers will return to court on Friday to hear whether the judge accepts the manslaughter plea.

Also to be determined is how much credit Mr. Desautels will get for time served and when he will be eligible for parole.

A self-described “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” who served three years for choking his step-daughter, unleashed his alter-ego again, this time with deadly consequences, court heard Monday.

Shaun Peter Desautels pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the Jan. 6, 2013 killing of his landlord, a crime committed not long after he finished serving his prior sentence.

In March, 2009, Desautels, now 44, was sentenced for twice trying to strangle the 13-year-old daughter of his then common-law wife.

Just 22 months ago, Desautels — in a drunken rage — choked to death his landlord, Alexander Potoroka, because he was angered the senior was cooking too loudly.

According to statement of agreed facts, read in by Crown prosecutor Rob Bassett, Desautels was trying to sleep while Potoroka was downstairs preparing soup.

Becoming frustrated by noise Mr. Potoroka was making, he proceed downstairs to confront his landlord,” Bassett told Justice William Tilleman.

He proceeded to put Mr. Potoroka into a chokehold, or headlock, with his right arm, bringing both of them to the ground,” Bassett said.

During the struggle, the victim was “rendered unconscious and not breathing” as others in the residence investigated.

Two tenants attempted to revive Potoroka, without success, the prosecutor said.

The cause of death was … attributed to compression of the neck.”

Bassett said he and defence counsel Norm Kelly were proposing a joint submission for a 10-year sentence, but differed over the pre-trial credit Desautels should get.

Kelly will argue on Friday his client should be given enhanced credit for the 22 months he has spent on remand.

He will also oppose Bassett’s request that Tilleman order the offender to serve at least half his sentence before he can apply for parole.

In March, 2009, Desautels told court he was not the monster who committed aggravated assault by twice choking his step-daughter.

I don’t want to be thought of as a rotten person, I don’t want to be remembered for this despicable act,” Desautels said, adding he couldn’t remember the attacks because he was too drunk.

The alcohol is something I cannot do, it’s almost like I become a different person — it terrifies me,” he said.

It’s kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Like in his attack on Potoroka, Desautels was wearing gloves when he tried to strangle the teen.

He remains in custody pending Tilleman’s sentencing decision.

Alberta Landlords Tenant Screening 2015

There are lots of great tenants out there, even when we face some economic challenges. Make sure you find them with professional tenant screening, including running a TVS credit check on all adults wanting to rent your place!

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Mayor Nenshi tells Calgary Landlords to “Stop Gouging Tenants”

October 18th, 2014 · Calgary landlords news, Latest News, Nenshi

Calgary landlords Mayor Nenshi gouging tenants

Calgary Landlords Stop Gouging Tenants

Mayor Nenshi Owning a Rental Property is a Business And That Means Keeping Up With Our Costs As Every Successful Business Must Do!

Landlords in who own rental properties in Calgary know we are running a business. A business requires seed money to start and it took us many years of hard work and careful savings in order to put down the down payment on the property we purchased. Our rental business also means making sure we pay our property taxes and mortgage payments on time.

Calgary landlords know running a successful rental business means learning the skills to rent to good tenants, learning the laws and rules and maintaining our homes. If we mess up in any of these areas our rental businesses can fall on hard times fast.

Running a successful rental business requires hard work and risk

This is why so many landlords in Calgary are unhappy with the comments by Mayor Nenshi this week. According to a report by CBC News the Mayor said he wanted to reach out to Calgary landlords and tell us being a landlord “is not a get-rich-quick scheme.” He also accused landlords of “gouging tenants” with high rents.

More details on the story in Metro News where Mayor Nenshi said he was a landlord himself and hasn’t raised the rent in years and only expects a “decent return” instead of huge profits. He said his mortgage payments and other costs are the same so he hasn’t raise rents as some other landlords have done.

Calgary Landlords Respond

On the Alberta Landlord Forum landlords have pointed out the increase in property taxes and other costs over the past four years.

Other landlords asked they Mayor why they, as business owners, should not follow market prices. A BC landlord asked Nenshi if oil and gas companies should freeze price increases and go back to prices from four years ago.

An Ontario landlord wrote it: “Looks like Nenshi wants Alberta to bring in rent control. You know, like we have were we can only raise the rent by 1.6% in 2015 when taxes are rising much faster and even the local plumber is raising his rates a lot more. Why did you elect this Mayor again?”

Landlords Are Business People

Being a landlord isn’t ‘guaranteed money’ and we face a lot of challenges. After all, renting to one bad tenant can end up costing us thousands of dollars.

Small landlords have the right to follow the laws and raise the rents as the market dictates. After all, if we raise rents too high we won’t have any tenants. Maybe they will all rent from Landlord Nenshi.

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Calgary Landlords – Alberta Landlord and Tenant Disputes Will Go To the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) From Now On

September 7th, 2014 · Calgary Landlords, Latest News, Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service, RTDRS, Tenant Credit Checks

 Bidding on a home

Calgary Landlords – Are you having any problems with your tenants? All landlord and tenant disputes are moving from small claims court to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS)

What happens when Calgary landlords have a problem with their tenants? According to a report at the Alberta Landlords Association blog  you will now have to go to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) to solve your problem

What Is The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS)?

While most landlords would go to small claims court in the past things are changing fast.

Calgary landlords and Edmonton landlords now need to go to the RTDRS to settle any problems they have with tenants because the Alberta provincial government has moved all landlord and tenant disputes out of court.

The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service is a way for landlords and tenants to resolve serious problems.

Is This A Good Thing For Alberta Landlords?

According to report at the Western Wheel the the owner of Prairie Management is Andrew Fulcher. He’s also a landlord owning twenty rental properties.

Fulcher believes this is a good move.


He says the majority of Alberta landlord and tenant problems are based on disagreements about damage deposits.

Fulcher says that the courts have more serious matters to worry about and the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service is a fast way to settle matters.

An Edmonton Landlord With Experience Disagrees

An Edmonton landlord has written in saying she isn’t happy with the move.

She is an experienced landlord who have been to both court and the RTDRS before. She wrote:

“Small claims court is overseen by highly trained judges. They are fair and professional. This is not the case with the Residential Dispute Resolution Service. The people who run the show there are not as trained and they like to give tenants all the breaks. Maybe they are tenants with an axe to grind. This isn’t a good move and landlords will soon find out!”

Does this mean Alberta Landlords will soon face a biased justice process like Ontario Landlords face with their Landlord and Tenant Board? It is a frightening thought!

Calgary Landlords – Alberta Landlord and Tenant Disputes Will Go To the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) Instead of Court

It’s a major change for Calgary landlords.

What do you think of this change?

We think the best way forward is to avoid landlord and tenant problems by screening your tenants carefully. This includes making sure you run a credit check on your tenants.

How Can I Run Credit Checks On My Tenants?

It’s now easy and affordable!

You can join the Alberta Landlords Association for only a one-time registration fee.

Yes, no annual fee to worry about!

You sign up for a low one time fee and get access to the Alberta Rental Kit and premium Equifax and TVS credit checks for only $10 per check.

It’s a terrific deal that can’t be beat for Alberta landlords and you also can download leases and other premium documents 24/7 at your own on-line library for the Alberta Rental Kit

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Calgary Landlords: How To Choose The Right Tenants For Your Rental Property

August 1st, 2014 · Calgary Landlords, Tenant Credit Checks

 Calgary landlords How to choose good tenants credit check alberta

With lots of tenants to choose from, how can Calgary landlords make sure you rent to the right tenants?

Experienced Calgary landlords know that renting to good tenants is one the most important elements of being a successful landlord.

There are many reasons why people become residential landlords.

1. For some people, it’s a way to make cash-flow every month

2. Landlords see properties appreciating and rent out while prices rise

3. Owners want to rent out part of their house to cover their mortgage

4. Investment property is a great way to prepare for retirement

Whatever your reason for invest your chances for success are a lot easier if you find good tenants and avoid the ‘professional tenants’ out there.

Being a Landlord in Calgary

It’s a good time to be a Calgary landlord because the economy is good and there are lots of good tenants out there.

According to the National Post the rental market in Calgary has a vacancy rate of about 1%.

This means the 33,400 people who are expected to come to Calgary this year will be looking for rental accommodations

How Can You Make Sure You Rent to Good Tenants?

When you put up an ad to rent out your unit, many landlords will get lots of replies.

This leads to a bunch of questions such as:

1. How Do I Choose Who To Rent To?

2. How Can I Check If The Applicants Will Be Good Tenants?

3. How Do I Check Tenants From Outside Alberta?

This last question came up on the Alberta Landlords Forum from a new Alberta landlord looking for success in renting to his first tenants.

His question was:

“I’m a new landlord. Since advertising I’ve been getting a lot of calls from people who have moved from Ontario.

Some have been here a year. Most less than a year.”

He continued:

How do people check references?

Is It Reasonable to call former jobs and former landlords in Ontario?

Or is it useless?

Will they even take my call or help since I’m in another province? Is there a way to find records on bad tenants?”

One of the replies was a smart one.

An experienced Edmonton landlord wrote in:

“References can lie.

Job letters can be forged.

Previous addresses can be made up.

Tenant credit checks cannot be manipulated by tenants.”

Tenant Credit Checks

This is a key way to find out the ‘truth’ about your potential renters.

Bad tenants are used to ripping off landlords and they usually know how to make a good impression and tell you what you, as a landlord, want to hear.

But in many cases it can be a lie and these tenants can end up costing you thousands of dollars after they move.

Just check out this story of a Calgary landlord who lost over $100,000 when his “nice” tenants put a grow-op in his basement unit.

Not only did he lose over $100,000 just in damages, he sold the property losing even more money.

You can read more at the Alberta Landlord Credit Check site.

Calgary Landlords Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants

Calgary landlords can join the Alberta Landlord Association for only a one time fee of $99.

That’s right, no annual fee. Just a one time registration fee and you can start doing premium credit checks from TVS for only $10/check!

TVS checks are amazing. You get a toll-free number to help you get set up fast and can start doing tenant credit checks in less than a few minutes from your own computer.

You get a score, a recommendation, past addresses, and lots more information on your potential renters…all for the member price of only $10/check!

It’s a deal that can’t be beat!

You Can Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants

Calgary Landlords Can Join the Alberta Landlords Association for a one-time registration fee and start making tenant credit checks part of your process to make sure you rent to great tenants!

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Calgary Landlords: Rent to Good Tenants and Avoid the Pro Tenants

March 20th, 2014 · Calgary Landlords, Tenant Screening

 Calgary landlords find good tenants screening

There are Lots of Great Tenants Out There, Calgary Landlords Make Sure You Find Them!

It’s been a great start to 2014 for Calgary landlords.

We were just voted the best large city to live in by Moneysense magazine.

House prices continue to rise with Calgary leading the nation.

According to the Calgary Sun re-sales are up 15% over a year ago.

Many Alberta landlords are moving forward and investing in rental properties.

What is driving this growth?

A key factor is the almost record breaking number of net migration to Alberta.

This has resulted in a Calgary vacancy rate of about 1% and rents that can nearly equal what someone would pay for a monthly mortgage payment.

More and more people are coming to our city to create families, work hard, and develop roots.

These are people who want to find good places to rent while they work to save up for their own down payment to buy a house themselves.

These facts have lots of Alberta Landlords excited for 2014 (and buying more rental properties if they can find them!)

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Things are exciting and it can be easy to let your guard down.

We mean let your guard down by not conducting thorough tenant screening on your new tenants.

Don’t forget amongst all the great tenants out there a bunch of bad apples also exist.

And these bad apples are clever and aggressive.

They want to get into your rental property and cheat you out of months of rent and even thousands of dollars in clean up costs and damages.

Many Calgary landlords who rented to bad tenants believe the dispute resolution system is unfair to landlords.

According to this CBC report a Calgary landlord feels cheated…and the judge agrees with her!

It really must-see reading for all Alberta Landlords.

Tenant Screening

The Alberta Landlords Association offers amazing tenant screening services for affordable fee.

For only $10 you can do an Equifax landlord credit check to see if your tenant pays their bills on time.

And for only $12 / check you can utilize the power of GARDA Background Screening to see a comprehensive picture of your potential tenant’s financial background, including:

1. Do they pay their bills on time (including rent)?

2. Do they owe anyone money?

3. Do they have any collections agencies chasing them for non-payment?

4. Do they work where they say they work?

5. Do they have any bankruptcies to avoid paying what they owe?

It’s an amazing system at a very low price.

If your rental property is work hundreds of thousands of dollars don’t you think paying $10 to protect your property is a great deal?

Calgary Landlords Success

Things are looking great for us in 2014.

We don’t face the same issues British Columbia landlords face.

And we don’t have an unfair system that other cities such as Toronto landlords have to deal with.

However, our advice is to still be very careful and make sure you rent to great Calgary tenants!

There is an excellent review of the Alberta Landlords Association here at Alberta Landlords Success

Go see what you get…it’s the deal of the century for landlords.

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Calgary Landlords: 2014

January 14th, 2014 · 2014, Calgary Landlords

 calgary landlords 2014

Things are looking good for Calgary landlords in 2014 but be careful of bad tenants and scams

Happy new year to all landlords in Calgary.

For most of us 2013 was a good year and things are looking even better in 2014.

We will at the Calgary landlords blog will continue to provide news, advice and tips to help you and your rental business succeed.

There are lots of opportunities for landlords in our city in this new year.

After all, we can raise the rent whatever we want to in 2014.

Ontario landlords are stuck at raising the rent only 0.8 percent in 2014. Yes, it’s that low. Crazy!

British Columbia landlords can only raise the rent 2.2 percent.

There are also some challenges that smart landlords and tenants should be aware of.

Rental Scams

These things never seem to end.

According to a report on Global News the very tight rental market in Calgary has led to even more rental scams and fake landlords trying to grab some ‘rent’ money from tenants.

For example, tenant Nicole Fish was looking at a rental ad website and saw a place you liked at a terrific price.

After emailing the landlord about her interest, she received a reply that made her very suspicious.

The “landlord” said he was in the United States doing missionary work and needed a deposit of $700 sent to him and then he would send her the keys to the rental unit.

Fish said this was a huge red flag for her because she hadn’t even seen the rental apartment yet.

When she finally went there she found the apartment wasn’t even for rent.

A bit more searching and she found over 12 rental ads online by the same fake landlord.

These scams make good tenants wary of all landlords, including all the good landlords out there.

We would like to warn tenants to be careful if you see any of the following:

1. The rent for the property is far lower than comparable rental properties in the area.

2. Good landlords want to meet you. If they don’t want to meet you in person beware.

3. Most good landlords live in Alberta. There is no need to wire money to another country.

4. Good landlords are careful to write great rental ads! Grammar and spelling mistakes are a red flag.

Bad Tenants

Calgary landlords should also be aware that amongst all the good tenants out there some bad tenants also exist … and they really want to rent from you!

We saw a lot of examples of bad tenants in 2013.

And boy oh boy did they cause a lot of stress for their landlords and a great financial loss.

For example take a look at some of the stories at the Alberta Landlords site.

Tenant Screening

Success for failure rests on renting to good tenants.

The new year looks great for Alberta landlords and make sure you are part of the wave of success!

Make sure you do tenant credit checks and tenant criminal checks to ensure you find great tenants.

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Tenant Screening Calgary

December 21st, 2013 · Calgary Landlords, Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening Calgary

Rents Are Rising and The Vacancy Rate Declines But Experienced Calgary Landlords Know You Need to Screen Tenants Carefully

The headline in the Calgary Herald was heard loud and clear as it was meant to.

It was a report stating rents for 2 bedroom rental apartments in Calgary were the highest in a decade.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC)

Richard Cho is a senior market analyst for the CMHC.

He explained there are two main reasons for the rent increase.

1. More people are coming to Calgary to find jobs and rent homes

2. The supply of rental apartments has gone down in Calgary

The rents for two bedroom rentals are up by 7.2% compared to 2012.

Cho also discussed the Calgary vacancy rate.

The October vacancy rate was only 1% in 2013.

In October 2012 the vacancy rate was 1.3%

Things are looking great for Calgary landlords compared to what BC landlords and Ontario landlords face.

Landlord Challenges Exist

Experienced Calgary landlords know that despite all this positive information there are still a lot of challenges out there.

You have to be very careful you rent to because there are a lot of bad tenants out there who are tricky.

Due to the lack of rentals and the lower vacancy rates these tenants will do anything to get the keys and rent your property.

Calgary Landlord Out $8,000

One Calgary landlord has lost more than $8,000 is owed rent and damages to her property because she rented to a bad tenant.

Gita Gopal rented to a single mother with four kids.

She felt compassion and wanted to her this single mum and wanted to play a role in helping her kids succeed.

She was taken for a ride.

Months later, Gopal has a new attitude. She has made it her life goal to “hunt down” the former tenant “wherever she goes.”

The Importance of Tenant Screening, Including Tenant Credit Checks

Gopal’s story is not unique.

A lot of residential landlords have lost thousands of dollars due to bad tenants in Alberta.

How Can You Protect Yourself and Your Rental Property?

The Alberta Landlords Association offers landlords access to low cost credit and criminal checks.

You can make Equifax and GARDA Tenant Background Screening your partner for finding good tenants and avoiding the pros.

With so many good tenant out there, invest in your business and make sure you find great tenants!

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Calgary Landlords: Investment Opportunities

November 7th, 2013 · Investment Opportunities

 Calgary landlords Investment Opportunity

Successful Calgary landlords know the importance of good transportation near your rental property when it comes to finding good tenants.

It could be your property has easy and time-saving access to good bus routes.

Or it’s near roads and highways that allows tenants to commute to work and avoid the worst traffic jams.

Good tenants like convenient access to get from their rental home to places they want and need to go to.

And every landlords wants a good tenant (and avoid the bad ones out there).

New Ring Road

According to a report in the Calgary Herald there’s some good news for southwest Calgary.

The first seventy-five percent of the Calgary Ring Road is already having a dramatic and beneficial impact in the area.

According to Don Campbell of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) the Calgary Ring Road will attract business and people to not only consider locating downtown.

Campbell says with the completion of the Calgary Ring Road, a new location for growth and prosperity is developing.

He says Calgary has already witnessed this in quadrants to the north and to the southeast.

In those areas people are moving there and so are new businesses.

What Does The Calgary Ring Road Mean For Landlords?

It could be an area where landlords investors should take a close look.

1. Rental Property Appreciation

ComFREE Commonsense broker Scott Bollinger sees the potential for great appreciation in the area.

Bollinger says past examples of development near completed ring roads in Edmonton and California shows property prices rose as the area developed.

This project has been debated and planned for decades. This might lead to property appreciation faster than the other examples.

2. Attract Good Tenants

New growing communities mean good jobs, news schools, and parks.

These are the types of things good tenants want.

There are lots of good tenants out there and you can bet many will want to move to this new and soon to be vibrant community.

Smart Landlords Know Location is Important

As Calgary grows, smart landlords are keeping a close eye on new transportation, new developments and new opportunities.

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