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September 26th, 2013 · 1 Comment · Calgary Landlords

 Calgary landlords

It’s Time For Calgary Landlords To Network, Learn Screening Tips and Make Sure to only Rent to Good Tenants

We issue a warm welcome to all the Calgary landlords!

We will offer you lots of tips, news and advice over the coming months.

Being a Landlord in Calgary

We know there are amazing opportunities in our city. We are growing and the summer floods are just another obstacle that we will surpass.

There are also lots of challenges

Let’s be honest.

While most tenants respect you, respect your rental property and pay on time over the past year there has been an increase in bad tenants in our city.

Of course there are bad tenants all over Canada, however we aren’t so used to them here.

In the past year we have read stories about:

-Tenants who destroy homes and do hate crimes against their landlord

-Renters who decide to destroy the rental property

-Tenants who break leases, leaving garbage and destruction behind

The Latest Bad Tenant Storey…a Freeman on the Land

Landlords in Calgary and across the country were astonished at the lastest case of a bad tenant and a landlord who was being abused and was distraught.

According to the Alberta Landlords Association:

The landlord is named Rebekah Caverhill.

She rented her duplex in a nice neighbourhood to a man who was recommended as a tenant by a friend.

Caverhill says he rented the duplex, changed the locks, refused to leave, and then refused to pay the full rent or utilities.

She says he did some renovations to the home and then sent her a $26,000 bill and put a lien on the house.

Pirelli even declared the property an embassy with special protections and Caverhill has spent months trying to get him out.

The Alberta Landlords Association story continues:

He calls himself a member of the “Freemen on the Land” movement and believes Canada’s laws don’t apply to him.

What Would You Do If He Was Your Tenant?

The Answer…make sure you don’t rent to these types of tenants.

Tenant screening, including credit and criminal checks are key.

The site is all about Calgary landlords learning, providing tips and advice and networking.

Let’s work together for our mutual success! Join the Calgary Landlord Forum!

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