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Is The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault Helpful for Calgary Landlords?

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The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault For Calgary Landlords

Calgary Landlords Need To Be On The Look Out For Bad Tenants Who Want To Destroy Your Financial Future! The Alberta Landlord Vault Will Help You Succeed As a Landlord

What happened to a Calgary landlord recently is a wake up call and a reminder we all need to be extra careful these days. Good landlords know it’s important to have great properties and offer affordable prices to rent out to good tenants. 

The story is about a person who was looking to invest to create security for her financial future. A terrific, kind-hearted person who invested in a rental property and was going to be the type of landlord we all wanted to rent from. The problem is no matter how great our rental property is and how kind hearted and amazing we are as landlords we can be taken advantage of and end up losing tens of thousands of dollars along with sleepless nights and mental anguish.

Lots of Great Renters Are Out There…But It Only Takes One “Bad One” To Lead You To Lose Money!

You can read more about this on the CBC news website and the Alberta Landlords Association website. It really should be REQUIRED READING for all the good people investing in rental properties.

The Calgary landlord is Jennifer Leeming. With great intentions she had a wonderful property to put on the market for rent.

So you have a nice landlord and a nice rental at a good price, and it should lead to lots of good people applying and a “win-win” situation right?  Sadly, this often isn’t the case these days.

A Single mom with a great rental and who wanted to be a terrific landlord tried to help her renters out. In return this ruined her rental and her financial future!

Great Landlord With a Terrific Rental Property Rents to…….Tenants From Hell

Sadly, Leeming rented to people who were “Tenants from Hell”.  These are renters who know how to play the system and can cause small landlords to lose thousands of dollars.

The rental had new flooring. It was the renters ashtray as they didn’t even have the respect to throw their butts outside or in an ashtray!

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The drywall was all knew and paints. The stairs were safe and sturdy.  The tenants from Hell didn’t care.

Alberta landlords rental vault 4

Everyone likes a nice clear bathroom. The renters made sure to destroy them to cause even more damages for the landlord!

So Just “Follow the System” Right? Leeming Followed the “System” and Lost $85,000!

The Alberta eviction system is too slow and doesn’t protect small landlords enough.

When Jennifer began the eviction process the tenants even challenged her and said: “I’M NOT MOVING UNTIL YOU PROVIDE A COURT DOCUMENT! “  The system protects these bad tenants and doesn’t protect good landlords.

The Renters Finally Left and Vanished Without Paying a Cent They Owed to the Landlord

The landlord trusted the RTDRS and got them out what happened?  Her trust was broken as the system doesn’t protect small Alberta landlords.

After Jennifer served the tenants, they did a “midnight run” and ran back to Saskatchewan. These renters did all the damages and it will be basically impossible for Jennifer to ever to recover her losses from these horrible “Tenants From Hell”.

Alberta landlord knowledge vault for landlords

The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault – Protect Your Rental Business and Succeed

Unfortunately what happened to Jennifer Leeming is not the first time we’ve heard about big tenant problems in Alberta.

And while the politicians complain about “landlords gouging tenants” the reality is it’s becoming very financially risky to own a rental these days. While there are lots of good tenants around, there are also those who will “use the system” and take advantage of hard-working small residential landlords.

With the current rules any Calgary landlord can get ripped off if they are not careful.

In order to help landlords succeed the Alberta Landlords Association has created The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault. It’s packed with helpful information to help landlords.  And you get a ton of services….and it’s all for a one time fee.

Alberta Landlord Knowledge Questions include:

What are the best ways to prepare my rental to attract good tenants?

How can I convince the best tenants to rent from me over others?

Do I need to get any type of special insurance for my rental?

What are good potential renters really looking for these days? Is it a good idea to pay for a property manager?

How do you choose the best property manager?

Is it a good idea to hire a real estate agent to rent out my property?

How do you set the best rent to advertise?

How do you do expert market research on your local rental market?

Who ultimately decides how much the rent will be?

How do you pre-screen tenants to not waste time?

How do experienced landlords screen tenants who want to rent from you?

How do you set times to show your rental property?

Tenants keep cancelling appointments on me. How do you fix this?

Do you screen everyone who is going to move in?

Why is asking what renters are currently paying for rent important for me?

How do you avoid applicants who are just playing games and not serious?

How can I make sure the applicants say who they say they are?

Do you tell your potential renters how you are screening them?

What’s the best way to verify if they are working or not?

How do you go into in-depth checking of their employment information?

How do you screen self-employed applicants?

How do you screen tenants moving to Alberta from other provinces?

How important are personal references for Alberta landlords?

What do you do if the applicants refuses to give their current landlords information?

What do you do if an applicants refuses to provide their SIN number?

How do you run a credit check on a potential renter?

How do you read a credit check to determine if you should rent to them or not?

What do you do if their credit history shows late payments?

What do you do if the credit check shows a lot of debt?

What do you do if their is a collection on the renter’s credit report?

What types of credit scores do experienced Alberta landlords demand?

How do you choose the best tenants?

If you have two really good applicants, what is the criteria to choose one over the other?

What do you do if the applicants have no credit history?

How do you avoid renting from professional tenants?

How do you notify the person you want to rent to?

Are there any tips or strategies when telling your applicant you will rent to them?

How do you make sure the renters are clear on the rules from day 1 to avoid future problems?

What types of leases do you use?

What’s a period tenancy?

What’s a fixed term lease?

What’s better, a periodic tenancy or a fixed term lease?

What information should I include in my lease to protect myself?

Does the lease have to be in writing?

Can I require proof of insurance as a condition of the lease?

Is it okay to say no pets are allowed in the lease?

Can Alberta landlords change a pet fee?

What happens at the end of fixed term lease?

Can I charge a security deposit? How does that work in Alberta?

Can I charge a non-refundable pet fee and also charge a security deposit?

Can I deduct money from the security deposit for carpet cleaning, painting, and other damages?

If two tenants from my place and one moves out do I have to return half the security deposit?

Do you do an inspection when renters move out?

What happens if the tenant doesn’t show up for the move out inspection?

What do you do if your tenants don’t pay rent?

Can I end the tenancy if the renters don’t pay rent?

What do you do if the tenant breaks a rule in the lease?

What types of notices are available if your renters are breaking the rules of your lease?

What are the reasons I can use to evict a renter?

If the renters are damaging my rental what can I do?

If tenants are threatening me or other tenants in the building what can I do?

My renters are playing their music super loud so what can I do?

My renters are dealing drugs what can I do? W

hat do you do if your tenants are leaving garbage all over the place?

If the tenants refuse to leave at the end of the lease what do you do?

Can my tenants have lots of guests over at all times?

My renters want my contact information.

Do I have to provide it?

One group of tenants is complaining other tenants are noisy so what should I do?

I’m selling my property so do I have to tell my renters?

The buyer wants to keep the tenants so how do I handle this?

I live with my tenant and she argues with me about everything so what can I do?

How do you fix problems with tenants who live in your house with you?

Can I go to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service for problems with renters living in my house?

How to you handle renters who want to sublet?

Can I refuse a tenant who wants to sublet my rental property?

How do you reply to a renter who wants to sublet?

My tenant says he wants to assign his apartment so what can I do?

What are legal grounds to refuse a sublet or assignment as I don’t feel comfortable with it?

My tenants did some repairs and now are charging me! Do I have to pay?

The new people I rented to brought in bedbugs so what can I do?

How do you give notice if you are going into the rental to do repairs?

How do you give notice to your tenants to enter the rental property?

Can a contractor enter the rental property without the landlord being present?

My tenant said she doesn’t have to pay rent while I’m doing repairs. Is this true?

How do landlords deal with tenants who are smoking or growing marijuana?

My tenants are fighting over their shared laundry do I have to get involved?

My renters go laid off and want to break the lease so what should I do? 

How do you deal with tenant vs. tenant issues?

Do I have to give my tenants who are moving a recommendation?

My renters got laid off and want to break the lease so what can I do?

My tenants wnat to change to lease agreement and say I have to, is this true?

The current rent check is NSF what should I do?

My tenants are rude and aggressive to me. I’m scared and wonder how I should deal with them?

I think I have “Tenants From Hell” and need help! What should I do?

The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault Protects You From Bad Tenants

Alberta landlords have invested their own hard earned money into the province and except to be protected. Unfortunately the current system doesn’t do enough to protect landlords. Take charge of your rental property by becoming an EXPERT and know all the ‘games’ that some people want to play!

Knowledge truly is power and with knowledge you can find all the great renters out there and have a successful rental business in Alberta.

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